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DSC_0058Lady Abigail

Stained-glass lights, floral prints and a quilted comforter add to the country charm of Lady Abigail.  Featuring a four-poster king size bed, whirlpool, oak fireplace and a relaxing view of  the woods.




lady-alexandraLady Alexandra

Rich and elegant, Lady Alexandra is luxuriously decorated in greens, reds and light browns with a high, handsomely paneled ceiling.  The large fireplace, cherry-wood king bed, whirlpool and relaxing view of the woods make this room worth returning to again and again.




Lady Ann Bed & Breakfast Victorian InnLady Anne

The soothing tones, historical features and handsome furniture of Lady Anne will surely satisfy those wishing for a simple, cozy getaway.  This softly lit room features a wicker queen bed, high-beamed ceiling, and easy deck access.




DSC_0165Lady Ashley

“A breathtaking view” of the Chippewa River and city lights is a feature that makes Lady Ashley one of our most popular rooms.  Decorated in cream and rose colors, and featuring a King-size oak bed, fireplace and whirlpool, this corner room is the perfect setting for your special evening.



DSC_0114Lady Caroline

This sophisticated room features dark blue and white color tones, a white and brass king bed, whirlpool and marble fireplace.  Lady Caroline is a corner room  decorated with antique furnishings and affords a  quiet view of the Fanny Hill woods.




DSC_0086Lady Deborah

This floral accented room is our version of elegant country.  The pastel tones, fireplace, whirlpool and green wrought iron king bed make this the perfect corner room to escape to.




Lady Emily Bed and Breakfast Victorian InnLady Emily

Large and bright.  Lady Emily features a Victorian theme including a beautiful oak queen bed and high-beamed ceiling.  The blue and brown hues in the room match  perfectly with the impressive fireplace, whirlpool  and wonderful view of the Chippewa River.





Lady Gwendolyn Bed and Breakfast Victorian InnLady Gwendolyn

Impressive stone columns, dark wood and rich rouge fabrics bring a warm, elegant feel to Lady Gwendolyn.   The carved oak queen bed, whirlpool and fireplace make this the perfect room to order a glass of champagne and prepare for a night of romance.





lady-victoriaLady Victoria

A wall of windows offers a wonderful view of the woods  surrounding Fanny Hill and the city lights beyond in our popular Lady Victoria room.  The high-backed golden oak king bed, whirlpool and cozy marble fireplace are sure to please.







Room Rates

Sunday – Thursday $99.00

Friday – Saturday $119.00